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Our Mission: To simply share the beauty of medical and biological sciences through the presentation of experiments of the past, present, and future. 


Kelly Weber



Biology for Beauty   represents Kelly's passion for empowering scientists to share their ideas to make the world a better place!


Kelly obtained her B.S. in  Biological Sciences from Arizona State University with concentrations in cellular biology, developmental biology, and genetics. Kelly is a former medical student at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Her medical interests include regenerative medicine, sleep, sports medicine, natural mental health improvement , traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, and pediatrics. 

She continues her education as a post baccalaureate student at Arizona State University with the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies. Her academic interests include sustainability, biophysics, astronomy, religious studies, farming, the philosophy of science, and world peace.


 Kelly enjoys making the great outdoors her laboratory; especially while cycling, running, or playing sports. Kelly loves going out to restaurants and cafés with friends, traveling, learning foreign language, board games, baking yummy treats, singing, dancing, reading, dreaming, yoga, pilates, music, and hanging out with family and friends. Kelly loves all things beautiful & believes that biology is one of the most beautiful aspects of  life. She hopes to share her love of  biology and health with you to make your world a beautiful place. 



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