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Photobiology and the Color Pink

For centuries painters have used colors to evoke feelings all across the emotional spectra. When we look at paintings, it is difficult to not be moved in one way or another.

Although the pathway between color and emotion has not been clearly carved, it is interesting to explore some experiements that have been performed to see how specific colors can affect a living organisms' behavior.

In the early 1980's an article was published in the New York Times which featured an expose on children who were participants in the San Bernardino County Probation Department in California. When these children would become violent, they were placed in a room with bubble gum pink walls.

The previously violent children would stop yelling and hitting things within ten minutes of placement in the bubble gum pink room and many times they would fall asleep.

Help provide evidence for this photobiological theory. Put on a bubble gum pink dress or t-shirt next time your loved one is acting violent and let us know if it works!

Share your photobiological experiments in the chat section of our website!

We just may share your entry on our next post about photobiological studies.

For more information on the San Bernadino Photobiology experiment as documented in the New York Times please refer to:

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